You are my boy is the touching story of a young boy learning who he is and who he is not. Originally began as bedtime stories told by the author to his son, this story will help all adults teach young boys about boldness, adventure, character, diversity and identity.




"This wonderful book will help families create the foundation for helpful and nurturing conversations with their boys when things are going great, and when things are challenging."

Brian Hall LICSW, CDP, specializing in working with angry kids and frustrated parents


"As a father of two, I am always looking for great resources to develop confidence in my children that affirm their identity and self esteem. Recently, we welcomed our new son into the world and I will be reading 'You Are My Boy' to him for his night time stories."

Scott Bakken, Founder of Socality


"You Are My Boy is a simple, yet brilliant story instilling in our young boys pertinent values about who they are and how they are created to live their life! Any parent would be ecstatic to raise a young boy who develops into a man who possess the character creatively communicated in this beautiful children's book!"

Jude Fouquier, Pubic speaker & Author


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