You Are My Boy.

I never intended to write a children’s book. Like many parents out there, I’m just trying to be a good dad. This all started as bedtime stories to teach character qualities and values to my son that I knew I wanted to see in him. Qualities that no matter what he decides to do as a career path, or where he wants to live on this planet, he would still have these qualities because they are a part of who he is. 

Next came the sketches and drawings on my son’s iPad. Side note: The furthest I thought that these drawings would go would be next to my son's paintings on the fridge or maybe a picture frame in his room. Never this.)

During the process of making this book for my son, I heard a few statistics about young men around the globe and it really struck me. I also read a few articles about kids growing up without parents, and seeing the wake of this first hand in my own city really shook me. I wanted to to make a difference. 

Young boys need to know who they are. They need to learn about character, about generosity, about diversity, about caring for others, about leading strong.

I think we all can agree that teaching a young boy is much easier than re-teaching a young man. 

Young boys are like sponges. And if we tell them that they are compassionate, if we tell them that they are generous, if we tell them that they are leaders, if we tell them that they matter for who they are and not for what they do, they will soak it up, and grow up to become even greater men.

That is what this book is about. 

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