Wes enjoys telling stories that encourage and inspire, laughing incredibly loud with family, and enjoying a great meal with friends - especially if it’s on an adventure. He loves his wife, Vanessa, and their two young children, Winston and Stella. Together, they call Los Angeles home. 


Q&A with Wes

Q: How would you describe yourself? 
A: I’m a very normal guy, doing my best to be a good husband and father to our two children. 

Q: If there was only one food left on the planet?
A: I love Italian food. And ice-cream. I love Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Dough ice cream, but I’m on a whole 30 diet right now so it’s pretty much vegetables and other things that do not taste like ice cream. 

Q: Do you have any hobbies?
A: I’m very good at un-making the bed. Professional grade.

Q: You’re stuck on an island and can only bring 2 things:
A: My wife (if that counts) and a compass - it would feel like the continuation of our lifelong adventure together.

Q: Are you a sports fan?
A: Yes. Absolutely. 

Q: Who are your favorite sports teams?
A: I’ve been a Lakers fan since I was a kid. I’d watch it on our black and white tv (yes, that is correct, we had a black and white tv). Sometimes I would turn the volume down and pretend I was Chick and Stu (Lakers announcers) and do the play by play. 

I also love the Seahawks. They are a team, a family, a cult, a way of life and a championship team. Winston and I like to watch football together. 

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